Wave Hill New York Public Garden

Wave Hill New York Public Garden-Engagement Session

Wave Hill New York Public Garden

Wave Hill New York Public Garden. Katelyn and I drove to the Bronx together. It was a great chance to catch up since Katelyn and Joe booked Modern Wedding Photography. We caught up with Joe at Manhattan College, where Katelyn and Joe met as students. We started our engagement shoot at Manhattan College before heading over to Wave Hill New York Public Garden and Cultural Center. The Manhattan College campus had timeless architecture and beautifully designed gardens.

I’ve photographed weddings at Wave Hill New York Public Garden and Cultural Center, but this was my first time shooting an Wave Hill engagement session at this New York City jewel. It’s such a fantastic location. I could have spent the whole day there shooting. When I’m hired to take my client’s engagement photographs, we have more time to shoot and “play”. There is no schedule or time constraints as on your wedding day.

Should clients consider doing an engagement shoot?

I do not think it’s imperative that couples take advantage of the opportunity to indulge in an engagement session. That being said, it is a great way to get to know your photographer and have images that otherwise would not have existed.  Many of my clients say, “I do not like the way I look in photos.” I reply with, “When was the last time you were photographed professionally?” It could be the difference between eating cold cereal at home and going out to a Michelin rated restaurant. What I’m trying to say is you cannot even compare the two. I never had clients regret doing and engagement session.

Another factor to consider is the exercise of viewing of the images after the engagement session. Most clients aren’t accustom to seeing so make photographs of themselves from one session. When you look at yourself in a mirror you are seeing yourself in reverse. In a photograph you are seeing yourself as others do. Jump to the photos below to see all of the images from this Wave Hill Engagement Session. To learn more about Denise Chastain and Modern wedding Photography click on the link.  Learn more about Modern Wedding Photography

It was so much fun working with Katelyn and Joe! I cannot wait for the big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Denise Chastain/Owner/Founder Modern Wedding Photography